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Caring for Pets in an Apartment

Caring for Pets in an Apartment

                If you currently live in an apartment rental, and are considering having a pet live with you, fear not!  Having pets in an apartment space is an ideal way for you to embrace the renting lifestyle whilst having a loyal companion at your side every day.  Whether you enjoy the company of a dog, cat, or other kind of animal, you can very well take care of a pet in apartment as you would in your own home.  Though, especially for dogs, pets may require some additional attention to keep them active and happy.

Exercise Your Dog as Much as Possible

                This is one of the best benefits of living with a dog in an apartment because it gets you and your pet out into the outdoors for a while!  Whether or not you live in one of our spacious apartments and townhomes, dogs can have a lot of pent-up energy stored if they don’t get out and exert it.  Your four-legged friend isn't going to have a lot of chances to run around indoors.  It’s important that you take them on daily walks, play fetch during the day, and visit dog parks or other fenced locations where they can play freely.  Aim for daily off-leash exercise as much as you can, even during the winter months!

                You might also want to create daily schedules that can keep you and your dog on a routine.  Create a schedule for feeding, exercising, and bathroom relief (especially this one).  This can be a great way to keep your day-to-day orderly and your dog on a routine they can depend on.

Keeping Your Dog Quiet While You’re Away

                One of the most challenging parts of apartment living is that your neighbors can hear about everything, including the loud woofs from your dog's mouth.  They must keep quiet while you are away to prevent disturbing others around you and filing a complaint.  Plenty of exercise and toys will be great but consider crate-training the dog if they haven't been already.  If done gradually and positively, they will grow to see their crate as their safe haven, allowing them to feel comfortable while you are not home.  Put the crate in a comfortable area, such as a bedroom; but refrain from putting it near noisy appliances or in the view of a window.

Cats? Ensure They Have What They Need

                From litter boxes to scratch posts and kitty condos, cats are an excellent pet to have around in an apartment and require less attention than a dog.  Cats really don’t need much to be happy… just some necessities.  One necessity for sure is their litter box.  It’s not only important to clean the litter box regularly but ensure that their litter box is in an area of your apartment where the odor can be contained.  The last thing you want is to walk into your apartment and have that odor lingering about!

When you are not at home with your cat, numerous play-alone toys will keep it entertained and prevent it from feeling lonely. They also don't have to be costly. Even paper shopping bags and empty cardboard boxes make excellent free toys for cats, who like burrowing in them as if they were nests. Just be sure you cut off the handles and take off anything that can be removed, such as tape.

                Furthermore, one thing about cats is that they are sneaky critters!  Take a look at the various tips we’ve share below to help keep your cat – and other animals who roam free – safe and out of trouble when you are not home.

Helpful Tips to Prevent Any Potential Issues

Below are some helpful tips to prevent your pets from causing any issues at home:

  • Cover garbage cans or store them in a cupboard or closet.
  • Keep food out of reach and stored away from your pets.
  • Ensure that you keep the lid of your toilet closed at all times.
  • Remove potentially harmful things, such as plants or sharp objects, from the reach of pets.
  • Remove any electrical wires or cords from your pets’ reach.
  • Place medicines, cleaning materials, chemicals, and laundry supplies on high shelves.
  • Ensure that all heating/air vents are protected.
  • When closing doors or leaving your apartment, keep an eye out for paws, noses, and tails.
  • Snap photos of any existing damage to the apartment and keep them until your lease is up.  This will help prevent holding you accountable for the damage should your pet have caused it!

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